SIP Trunking

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Extend Your Network Calling Area & Capacity Over Multiple Office Locations with SIP Trucking

SIP Trunking replaces your entire communications infrastructure and allows you to realise the true benefit of an extended calling network. Furthermore, it ensures that capacity is evenly distributed across each of your office locations. Available as a tangible alternative to a traditional PRI, this means that you will now be able to allocate capacity based on demand and select any specific site location to take charge of operations to ensure business continuity.

Our reliable private network allows you to establish a local presence and eliminate long distance calling charges for your customers by choosing phone numbers for more than 8,000 US exchanges and over 1,100 Canadian cities – Vancouver included; all assigned to a single SIP trunk. This makes BroadConnect a Top SIP Provider in Canada.

On-Demand Capacity

Capacity on demand frees you from having to subscribe to extra lines that you will never use. You will never incur penalties or charges if you ever need to increase or decrease channels.

BroadConnect’s SIP Trunking solutions allow you to make changes or alterations to your account, in real-time, through our interactive and user-friendly online interface.

It is nearly 10x faster to make adjustments to SIP trunks than it is to a conventional PRI system. Such is the power of a virtual PBX Solution.

SIP is the Evolution of IP Communications

SIP Lines are the root of technologically advanced IP communications. By engaging the virtual communication lines between the PSTN and the PBX and connecting each of your office locations, SIP will free your business from the resource consuming ISDN PRIs and traditional phone lines with a much more refined system proven to reduce costs and better manage call volumes. Contact us for more details and a Free Assessment from our professional staff.