PBX Systems

PBX Systems for Small or Midsized Businesses

PBXs for small and medium sized business have undergone significant advancements in recent years. Below is a comparison of a traditional PBX and modern Unified Communications systems that harnesses IP PBX technology and several other enterprise-grade features.

The Traditional Onsite PBX

The original SMB PBX required a complete telephone switching system capable of managing both incoming and outgoing voice calls. It also necessitated that the PBX be hardwired into the public telephone system and would direct the routing of incoming calls to specific extensions. Most PBXs consisted of external and internal phone lines, a computer server to manage call switching and a console for manual overrides.

IP-PBX System

An IP-PBX can perform every basic function that a traditional PBX can, and countless more. Serving as somewhat of a pseudo-hybrid system, an IP-PBX carries out the switching and connecting of digital telephone calls.

Unified Communications: Optimizing IP-PBX

Vancouver businesses need robust communication features and tools to support their dynamic workflow. Our Unified Communications services are fitted to the exact need of midsize and small business; uniting the versatility of an IP-PBX with the robust telephony features regular phone systems just don`t offer. Avaya IP Office is a good example.

The advantages of IP-based communications extend well beyond the scope of cost savings. It provides businesses with effortless scalability and facilitates expansion based on available bandwidth, without the need for new hardware installations. Ask us about how can use your existing hardware for digital IP-PBX communications.

Virtual PBX Systems

Cloud services operate in the same way as most other VoIP services, a virtual PBX system presents SMBs not requiring a large mass of features beyond the traditional variety with a tangible communications solution. Features available include voicemail, hold music and the ability to easily add or remove users. Ask us about our Hosted PBX Solutions.