Hosted VoIP


Hosted VoIP is the Right Choice for Your Business. Here’s Why

Hosted VoIP, also termed Hosted PBX, is one of the best IP telephony services available today. It is a complete service that is streamlined and flexible; elements that traditional PBX and premise-based phone systems just could not live up to.

Far superior to conventional phone services, our managed VoIP solutions are superior to other VoIP Providers. With our inclusive and feature-rich options, you can expect:

  • Customizable solutions tailored to the fit of your business
  • Access to advanced Cloud PBX technology
  • HD voice quality and clarity delivered over a private network

All of our award-winning services, managed VoIP included, are run over the BroadConnect private network – one of the most secure data networks running across Canada. As an added benefit, we support a large range of high-end routers, switches and phone sets to ensure that you always have just what you need to succeed. These are what make BroadConect one of the top VoIP Providers in Canada.

Optimum Performance. Guaranteed.

Our Hosted phone service offers every feature available, with never before seen functionality and superior call features. You will appreciate greater control over all communications in an affordable platform that is customizable to your exact specification.

Keep Operations Costs Low By Switching to Hosted VoIP

  • Gain access to future-proof, business-grade features capable of optimising your entire business process
  • Remove the cost burden of having to manage a premise-based phone system
  • Reduce, or even remove, long distance calling charges
  • Benefit from direct extension dialling in Vancouver and beyond.

100% Installation & Satisfaction Guarantee

Businesses connected to our fibre optic, nationwide network receive access to best-in-class features and services not available to subscribers of standard voice plans.

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