Hardware & IP Phones


Vancouver’s Largest Inventory of IP Phones & Hardware

We offer a complete range of IP phones and IP hardware to create the correct solution for every application in your Vancouver office – from an executive, executive assistant, office administrator, sales professional to general office user. We have a solution, suggestion and service to meet your needs.

BroadConnect IP Desk Phones

We support a vast range of business phones for IP communications, all manufactured by leading Industry manufacturers who are known for their superior voice quality and clarity. Each of our desk IP Phones offers rich features proven to optimise business communications.

Mobile IP Phones

Wireless VoIP phones allow businesses to realise the true potential of their existing wireless data network. Both inside and out of the workplace, wireless networks are becoming more prevalent. Leveraging this mobile technology has strong value. Wireless IP phones allow workers to use the corporate phone system and all of its features from any number of mobile devices.

Video Phones

Nearly every business has, at one point or another, made use of video conferencing technology. This technology allows businesses to operate more efficiently than ever and enables them to strengthen their collaborative efforts.

Conference Phones

Businesses are no longer restricted by or limited to specific geographic locations. Conferences with colleagues, vendors, clients and offices around the world are becoming the everyday norm. In order for these conference calls to operate smoothly, crystal clear communications are a must. BroadConnect offers hands-free and features rich tools proven to optimise the conferencing experience.