Cloud Phone Services


Five Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Phone Systems for Business

A Cloud-based phone system presents businesses of all sizes with tremendous value. As a matter of fact, cloud phone services allow businesses to reach never before seen advantages in scalability and flexibility. Of all of the benefits achievable through migration to the Cloud, the most advantageous are:

  1. Budget Maximization

    The leading hurdle faced by many businesses is the inability to effectively manage a budget of internal IT departments or infrastructure upgrades; that is if a budget exists at all. Unarguably, even the most minuscule fault in a hardware-based phone system can eventually result in a significant investment in both time and money. This rings especially true for businesses having to shut down everyday operations while waiting on service providers or repair technicians. Using Cloud Phone Services means the complete phone system is housed, maintained, managed and monitored off-site and transmitted virtually from the service provider to the location of the business. The Hosted VoIP scenario provides serious benefits to businesses looking to streamline hardware costs, reduce service charges, lower ongoing call costs, etc.

  2. Seamless Transition From Previous System

    Cloud-based telephone systems are infamous for their true ease of implementation. Given that absolutely no hardware needs to be installed or maintained on-premise, almost every business can migrate to a Host VoIP solution with very minimal effort.

  3. Maximum Uptime

    The primary advantage of accessing the business phone system via the Cloud is that in doing so businesses are guaranteed minimum downtime. They are also freed from other problems such as latency, system failures, dropped calls, network issues, etc.

  4. True Scalability

    Modern technology is forever changing and businesses must readily adapt in order to stay current. This means that a business must never risk outgrowing its communication systems. Cloud-based phone systems are well respected for their ability to grow and expand with the businesses they support, even with SIP Trunks. This ensures that businesses can effortlessly add or delete extensions and features without penalties or costly upgrades.

  5. Servicing in Vancouver and Beyond

    Businesses with additional office locations under their radar require a phone system that will accommodate their expansion plans. Traditionally, this would require businesses to enlist many different service providers to manage many different phone systems. The cloud-based technology leverages advanced technology capable of managing multiple service locations in a single phone network. Mobile VoIP can also help you stay connected individually and as a group.

This is only a handful of the benefits available to businesses deploying a cloud-based PBX System into their organisational hierarchy. Connect with BroadConnect to learn more.